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Avada also includes the stylish Elastic Slider! Beautiful. Simple. Elegant

Ful­ly respon­si­ve & per­fect for a sim­ply, beau­ti­ful sli­der. Cus­to­mi­ze sizes, cap­ti­ons, ani­ma­ti­on & more!
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Fully Responsive

Avada’s respon­si­ve frame­work ensu­res your con­tent loo­ks gre­at on all screen sizes.

Perfect For All Screen Sizes

No mat­ter the size of your screen or device, your site will look fantastic.

Premium Sliders

Ava­da inclu­des four pre­mi­um sli­ders that help your con­tent stand out to your viewers!

Make Your Content Stand Out

We inclu­de the Lay­er Sli­der, Revo­lu­ti­on Sli­der, Fusi­on Sli­der and Elastic Slider.

Amazing Elements

Ava­da offers incredi­ble ele­ments that allow you to crea­te a beau­ti­ful site for your online presence.

Build Something Beautiful

Dozens of well desi­gned short­codes loa­ded with opti­ons gives you freedom.

Unlimited Colors

Ava­da offers color opti­ons for every ele­ment you see, take con­trol of your colors.

Change Any Element

We inclu­ded a backend color picker for unli­mi­ted color opti­ons. Anything can be chan­ged, inclu­ding gradients!

Why Choose Avada

The FlexS­li­der can easi­ly be used as the lar­ge sli­der at the top of the page, or you can use it as a short­code insi­de page con­tent. For the lar­ge sli­der at the top of the page, users can use the WooS­li­der plugin, or use it via The­me Opti­ons. Ava­da 2.0 now has it inte­gra­ted into our The­me Opti­ons for use with captions.

  • Ful­ly respon­si­ve so your con­tent will always look good on any screen size
  • Awe­so­me sli­ders give you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to show­ca­se important content
  • Unli­mi­ted color opti­ons with a backed color picker, inclu­ding the gradients
  • Mul­ti­ple lay­out opti­ons for home pages, port­fo­lio sec­tion & blog section
  • We offer free sup­port becau­se we care about your site as much as you do.

Use Our Postslider Anywhere With Shortcodes!